Saturday, September 21, 2013

How To Hack Money (Treasury) In Majesty 2

- I am using Cheat Engine. You also can use Art Money.
- Keep in mind that by default, we search value type = "4 bytes". But for Majesty 2 game, you need to change that to "float"
- Open the game, got yourself into game (single mission, campaign), then find the money value.
- Run Cheat Engine, select the correct .exe, first scan is the current money.
- Than go inside the game, but something so that the money value is changed, then go back to Cheat Engine, insert the new money value in the textbox and then "Next Scan".
- Usually you will find two addresses, I changed the value for both addresses but I don't lock the addresses value, I put "999999".
- Try it yourself :-)

Note: Current Majesty 2 All DLC version is 1.5.536, do not have trainer. That's why for now just use this memory hack method :-)

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