Saturday, March 24, 2012

Red Alert 2, Yuri Revenge, v1.000 Trainer

You get bored when playing campaign or skirmish? But, ohh no, this game has no cheat codes! But wait, here's a solution :-) You can use trainer.

1. Download and extract the file.
2. Run the trainer, and run yuri.exe. If you encountered problem, try run the trainer as Administrator by right-click on the trainer and choose 'Run as Administrator' (for Windows 7).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Red Alert 2, Money Hack

Using Art Money software, you can hack/edit in-game money. Try this steps (any damage/game crash is your responsibility):-

1. Get Art Money here, install and run.
2. Run ra2.exe (Red Alert 2 executable).

3. Get into the game (campaign or skirmish), wait until the money is static.

4. Use Alt+Tab to get to Art Money, select process (Red Alert 2), click Search and enter the money value.
5. Get back to Red Alert 2 using Alt+Tab, select something to build, wait a second then right click to hold the build. Look at the current money and get back to Art Money by using Alt+Tab.

6. Click Filter and enter the current money value.

7. Now Art Money find 3 addresses, click Add All and modified the value as you want. I always make it 999999 :-)

Tropico, Game Error

After installing Tropico game, I've countered errors.
2. MSS32.DLL

BINKW32 is for video, and MSS32 is for audio. I have tried almost all version of BINKW32.DLL and MSS32.DLL downloaded from the internet but to no avail. Any solution?

First, the error with BINKW32.DLL is solved using same dll file copied from Red Alert 2 game folder. And now came new error with MSS32.DLL. I've tried many versions of the dll file and lastly it came out with UNKNOWN ERROR (no message, just error logo after run the .exe).

Edit 001 24/3/12:
- You can try binkw32.dll from Red Alert 2, download here.