Monday, December 19, 2011

Food Evolution

Malaysian should be proud of food evolution in Malaysia. I love to see the new colourful apam and, what I should call this one, potato-rose? rose-potato? I let you to name it :-)

Kentang Bunga Ros. For more info, click here.
Apam Polkadot. For more info, visit
1) Facebook ApamPolkadot.Com
2) ApamPolkadot.Com

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skitch Alternative?

I really love Skitch for Android! At this moment, I can't find any other software for Windows or app for Android that Skitch can do. I love the way Skitch smooth the line that I draw using finger on my Galaxy Tab. Other paint/sketch/draw apps can't do that. EXCEPT, I can't colour/paint using Skitch!

Hope next time Evernote Corp can improve/add that feature. 'Sigh...
(Or maybe anyone know app/software alternative to Skitch?)

This is why I love Skitch for Android. It will smooth the line you draw. Other app that I found can't do this! Please consider this  function when you develop a paint/sketch app. :-p
20/12/2011 Update:-

I have just found an alternative to drawing like Skitch for Windows, also available for Mac OS Xand Linux. Inkscape, a vector graphic editor. Get it for free!

Here's how you want to draw like Skitch in Windows (as I am using Windows 7).

1. Open Inkscape.
2. Select Draw freehand lines.
3. Adjust smoothing, recommend 48+.