Friday, August 24, 2012

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500

- I used pattern lock, then someone tried to break it, then it locked and I need to sign in using Google account.
- The worse thing is, I forgot the Google account that I use with it.
- Done a few search using Google, related keyword 'how to unlock pattern lock android', 'galaxy mini pattern lock', 'how to reset galaxy mini 2', 'how to reset samsung s6500'.
- Found this site, said to reset Galaxy Mini 2 by power off the phone, press VOLUME DOWN + HOME + POWER, not working.
- Found this info from XDA, related to recovery menu. I try VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN + HOME + POWER. Working, boot into recovery mode.
- Select wipe data/factory reset. Working.
- Note: From the XDA site, it said to press VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER to enter recovery mode, I think that is the right combination key.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Protect Your PC From Autorun Virus (External USB Drive)

- Free antivirus like Avira also protects you from autorun viruses.
- But sometimes, slower PC is not recommended to use antivirus as it will make the PC even slower.
- So I use this lightweight and fast tool to protect my PC from autorun viruses, Autorun Eater.
- It simply detect USB pendrive/external drive, then search for autorun file and delete it.
- It will protect you from the autorun, if you explore the drive manually then you are at your own risk. But as precautions, please always scan your USB pendrive/external drive using antivirus or spyware remover program first before using it.
- You can download Autorun Eater here, and it's free (but donation is always welcome).

Celcom APN Settings for Android

- Goto settings > wireless and networks > mobile network > access point names.
- Push hardware "menu" button,  choose "New APN"
- This settings is for internet (default):-
name: celcom 3g internet
apn: celcom3g
port: 8080
mcc: 502
mnc: 19
authentication type: pap
apn type: default
apn protocol: ipv4
- This for MMS, create new apn:-
name: celcom 3g mms
apn: celcom3g
mms proxy:
mms port: 8080
mcc: 502
mnc: 19
authentication type: pap
apn type: mms
apn protocol: ipv4
- Then enable data to use internet/mms (gingerbread).
- Original information gathered from here, tested by me and it's working.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Convert EPUB to PDF

- I use online converter where you will upload the .epub file to it, then you can download the processed/output file.
- You can also use the output link to remote upload to file hoster such as Depositfiles, Mirrorcreator, Hotfile and many more.
- You can also forward the download link to your email.

Friday, August 10, 2012

How To Sync Your Android Clock/Time

- I received a comment asking how to sync android tablet/phone clock@time.
- I found this ClockSync @ Play Store. You can download the app using your android.
- There's a problem with Sirim time server, so you can use ''.
 - Your android need to have ROOT access for this app to work (auto mode), but there's also assisted manual mode (rootless).

Free Debrid For Crocko, Bayfiles And More

- Just found this one from a forum.
- The downloader will create a link, then you copy the link to IDM @ FDM @ Orbit @ any download manager, then you'll get full download speed.
- Free support always changed time to time, but currently it support Bayfiles, IFiles/CloudFile, Jumbofile, Cramit, Glumbouploads, Crocko and HulkShare.
- Goto site here, and register for your free account.

Update 13-07-02
- Supported host (free user)