Monday, April 23, 2012

Problem With Cyberlink PowerDVD 6 in Windows 7

There is currently no solution for this problem. So you must use newer version is PowerDVD. Currently the newest is PowerDVD 12 but I don't really like the new interface, a bit laggy for me. So I use PowerDVD 7, similar interface to PowerDVD 6.

And don't forget to get Deluxe version or you can't use Karaoke!

Update 01 (26/04/12, 655PM)
- Interface of PowerDVD 7 a bit problem to use with dual display, because the menu (control menu) is not really separated as when you use fullscreen on second monitor/display, the menu from display 1 will goto display 2.
- I also tried PowerDVD 8, more problem as the control menu isn't separated.
- Any idea/options for ATI Catalyst Theather Mode for non-ATI?

Update 02 (30/04/12, 1132AM)
- I prefer to use KMPlayer and VLC Media Player as an option to Cyberlink PowerDVD as new version of PowerDVD not fulfilling the main use for karaoke player.
- VLC Media Player doesn't has hotkey for Left-Right channel change, but KMPlayer has Left-Right channel remove and downmix to mono for same option as Left-Right selection.

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