Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free FTP Server ( for IPCAM

- This is a simple tutorial on how to set up a free ftp server on and set your IPCAM to upload an image/interval.
- give you 10000MB for storage and 1000000MB bandwith.
- First, register for an account at
- Then goto FTP access, note the ftp host and port.
- Then goto FTP accounts, create a new username. Note the created username after you click create.
- Setup your IPCAM. Goto FTP service settings.
FTP server = your FTP host.
FTP port = your FTP port.
FTP user = your FTP accounts username (look at the sample screenshot).
FTP password = the ftp account password.
FTP upload folder = /
FTP mode = PORT.
- Click save and test your connection.
- We use the account username (not the main username at ftp access page) so that the photo is uploaded directly into the username's folder.

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  1. Please explain how to "register for an account at"?