Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free VPN - Hotspot Shield (and Buy Using Mobile for Malaysian)

- My friend introduce this free VPN service to me.
- I like the option where I can pay for it service using mobile phone (easier). Hoping that more website offer this type of payment.


  1. thank for the sharing the post of using Mobile for Malaysian vpn, this blog is help for those people who are using vpn for mobile in malaysia
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  2. as usual,free vpn is good,but paid vpn is better. the main problem for Malaysian internet user is the payment gateway, hope others will implement mobile payment like this site too.

  3. for now,any other VPNs mobile payment list?

  4. Now "Hotspot Shield" provides its service to most Smartphones users like iPhone, android phones or tablet like iPad. It is quite effective in providing privacy and security, even speed up web browsing on phones and save money on our phone bill by data compression. Free-mobile-security.com