Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch Astro Live On The Web (On The Go)

- I tried this service last night, Astro On The Go. But you need Astro subscription to watch selected Astro Channel. Not all channel available to watch here. This service is free (promotion) until 31 August 2012. 
- Streaming smooth on 4mbps and ok on 1mbps.
- Goto this website to start watching. But you need to login/register Astro ID first, verify the ID, then you will need smartcard number (at the back of the card) and IC number of the subscriber.
- Each smartcard can make use on two (2) ID. First you use the smartcard number on 1st ID, then make the 2nd ID as child for the 1st ID.
- Astro Prima not in the list (why?).

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